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Matrix Plan 2*10 Auto Fill Plan


Our Plan
Level Refral Activation Fee Earning Upgrade Net Income
1 2 100 200 200 0
2 4 200 800 400 400
3 8 400 3,200 800 2,400
4 16 800 12,800 1,600 11,200
5 32 1,600 51,200 3,200 48,000
6 64 3,200 2,04,800 6,400 1,98,400
7 128 6.400 8,19,200 12,800 8,06,400
8 256 12,800 32,76,800 25,600 32,51,200
9 512 25,600 1,31,07,200 51,200 1,30,56,000
10 1024 51,200 5,24,28,800 ------------ 5,24,28,800
    Total Income     6,98,02,800

इस प्लान की खास बात

इस प्लान की खास बाते जिसके लिए आप हमारे साथ मिलकर काम करेंगे | इस प्लान में सब से खास बात ये है की ये प्लान ऑटो फिल है | ऑटो फिल का मतलब ये है की इस प्लान में आप को किसी को भी लेफ्ट या राइट में नहीं लगाना होगा | ये सॉफ्टवेर द्वारा ऑटोमैटिक जहा भी जगह खाली मिलेगी वहा पर ही अपने आप सॉफ्टवेयर द्वारा ID को लगाया जायेगा | जिसके कारण जो लोग काम नहीं कर रहे | उनके निचे भी जहां पर स्पेस मिलेगा वहा पर अपने आप ID लगेगी | और काम नहीं करने वाले लोगो को भी धिरे धिरे पैसा मिलना शुरू हो जायेगा | और जो लोग काम करेंगे उनको ज्यादा और जल्दी प्रॉफिट मिलेगा और अच्छी कमाई भी मिलेगा काम करने वाले लोग निराश ना हो उनके निचे भी अपने आप ही ID जाएगी सॉफ्टवेयर से चाहे आप काम करे या ना करे पैसा तो आप को मिलेगा ही पेमेंट भी आप के E-Wallet अपने आप ही जायेगा | और आप E-Wallet से अपने बैंक में ट्रांसफर कर सकते है

The special point of this plan for which you will work with us. The most important thing in this plan is that the plan is auto-fill. Auto fill means that in this plan you will not have to put anybody in the left or right. The software will be automatically replaced by automatic software the ID will be automatically installed by the software itself. Because of which people who are not working wherever the space will be available at the bottom, it will automatically find the ID. And people who do not work will also get started getting paid money. And those who work will get more and quick profits and earn good returns Do not be disappointed by those who work, they will automatically get ID from software Whether you work or do not have any work , you will get the same payment as well as your e-Wallet will automatically go. And you can transfer from E-Wallet to your bank

Send SMS Earn Money

आपके लिए सबसे खास और नया और अनोखा प्लान, जिसमें आपको केवल एसएमएस भेजना है, जो आपके द्वारा भेजे गए प्रत्येक एसएमएस पर आपको 0.10 पैसा का एसएमएस मिलेगा। जिसमें कंपनी का प्रचार एसएमएस भेजा जाएगा, एसएमएस कंपनी द्वारा लिखा जाएगा। जिसमें आपको केवल नंबर टाइप करना है यदि आपके द्वारा भेजे गए SMS से कोई यूजर शामिल होता हैं, भले ही आपको प्रत्यक्ष रेफरल आय और स्तर की आय प्राप्त होती है, तो यह तीन गुना लाभ होगा मान लीजिए कि आपके द्वारा भेजे गए SMS के साथ कोई भी यूजर ज्वाइन नहीं होता है, तो भी आपको अपने SMS की एक प्रति मिल जाएगी - 10 पैसे। तो आप अपने दोस्तों और रिस्तेदारों को एक एसएमएस भेजें। जिससे आपको पैसे मिलेंगे

The Most Special And New And Unique Plan For You, In Which You Only Need To Send An SMS, Which Will Send You An SMS Of Rs - 0.10 Paisa On Every SMS Sent By You. In Which The Company Will Be Sent A Promotional SMS, Written By The SMS Company. In Which You Only Need To Type The Number If A User Gets An SMS From You, Even If You Get Direct Referral Income And Level Income, Then This Profit Will Be Three Times Suppose That No User Is Included With The SMS Sent By You, Even Then You Will Get A Copy Of Your SMS - 10 Paisa. So You Send An SMS To Your Friends And Relatives. Where You Get Money

Now know

What is the Business Plan..

Once you have registered at “LED BULBS & COLOURS LIGHTS kits” and deposit cash Rs.600 +12% GST in your company Bank Account, you will become a member of ” LED BULBS & COLOURS LIGHTS kits”. Now you can promote your referral link. You have to do some very little efforts to start earning income. Just invite your TWO friends to ” LED BULBS or COLOURS LIGHTS kits” and earn money when they join your team.

Every member can have only 2 downline members on their 1st tier. Any additional members sponsored by you, your upline or downline members are automatically placed by the system on the next open tier down in their team matrix and placed under another team member. This is called “spillover”. So, you can have a maximum of 4 members on your 2nd tier, 8 members on 3rd, 16 on 4th tier, 32 on 5th tier, 64 on 6th tier, 128 on 7th tier, 256 on 8th tier, 512 on 9th tier and 1024 on 10th tier. You also get payments for your team members on your tiers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 as shown below. Simple calculation “How you can be a “Crorepati” (Read this calculation to understand)

Membership Level 1: 2 members (your 1st tier downlines) pay Rs.100 each for Membership Level 1. Your Income Rs.100 X 2=Rs.200. You have to Pay Rs.200 for 2nd Level activation. So, Your 1st Level Income Rs.200 – Rs.200 = Rs.00

Membership Level 2: 4 members (your 2nd tier downlines) pay Rs.200 each for Membership Level 2. Your Income Rs.200 X 4 = Rs.800. You have to Pay Rs.400 for 3rd Level activation. So, Your 2nd Level Income Rs.800 – Rs.400 = Rs.400

Membership Level 3: 8 members (your 3rd tier downlines) pay Rs.400 each for Membership Level 3. Your Income Rs.400 X 8 = Rs.3200. You have to Pay Rs.800 for 4th Level activation. So, Your 3rd Level Income Rs.3200 – Rs.800 = Rs.2400

Membership Level 4: 16 members (your 4th tier downlines) pay Rs.800 each for Membership Level 4. Your Income Rs.800 X 16 = Rs.12,800. You have to Pay Rs.1,600 for 5th Level activation. So, Your 4th Level Income Rs.12,800 – Rs.1,600 = Rs.11,200

Membership Level 5: 32 members (your 5th tier downlines) pay Rs.1,600 each for Membership Level 5. Your Income Rs.1,600 X 32 = Rs.51,200. You have to Pay Rs.3,200 for 6th Level activation. So, Your 5th Level Income Rs.51,200 – Rs.3,200 = Rs.48,000

Membership Level 6: 64 members (your 6th tier downlines) pay Rs.3,200 each for Membership Level 6. Your Income Rs.3,200 X 64 = Rs.2,04,800. You have to Pay Rs 6400 for 7th Level activation. So, Your 6th Level Income Rs.2,04,800 – Rs.6,400 = Rs.1,98,400

Membership Level 7: 128 members (your 7th tier downlines) pay Rs.6400 each for Membership Level 7. Your Income Rs.6400 X 128 = Rs.8,19,200. You have to Pay Rs.12,800 for 8th Level activation. So, Your 7th Level Income Rs.,8,19,200 – Rs.12,800 = Rs.8,06,400

Membership Level 8: 256 members (your 8th tier downlines) pay Rs.12,800 each for Membership Level 8. Your Income Rs.12,800 X 256 = Rs.32,76,800. You have to Pay Rs.25,600 for 9th Level activation. So, Your 8th Level Income Rs.32,76,800 – Rs.25,600 = Rs.32,51,200

Membership Level 9: 512 members (your 9th tier downlines) pay Rs.25,600 each for Membership Level 9. Your Income Rs.25,600X 512 = Rs.1,31,07,200. You have to Pay Rs.51,200 for 10th Level activation. So, Your 10th Level Income Rs.1,31,07,200 – Rs.51,200 = Rs.1,30,56,000

Membership Level 10: 1024 members (your 10th tier downlines) pay Rs.51200 each for Membership Level 10. Your Income Rs.51200 X 1024 = Rs.5,24,28,800.

Your Total Income is 400 + 2400 + 11,200 + 48,000 + 1,98,400 + 8,06,400 + 32,51,200 + 1,30,56,000 + 5,24,28,800 = Rs.6,98,02,800WILL THIS PROGRAM BE RUNS LONG LIFE? Yes, definitely my dear friend, it will run long life because everyone is trying to earn extra cash and opportunities. A big percentage of housewives, retired people, salesman, networkers and students are looking for extra cash and this human urge will never stop.

This small little Referring Plan makes it possible for everyone to join. We can make big money by referring each other working in a community and not as individuals. This A team work. Help each other. Don’t Miss this great Earning Opportunity. Today is the right time to start. You may lose thousands of rupees in a single day, if you join late.

If you have any doubts, clarifications, feel free to contact by Bottom of Form TERM & CONDITIONBEFORE JOINING YOU MUST BE AGREE WITH ALL TERM AND CONDITION OF COMPANY(I) – Pure Business Systems lighting solution.(incomemypbs.com) is not a bank or any community which collect any type of fund or money it is a online LED BULBS provider to customer by agent base, and give commission them of each sell of product.

(II) – we have a very strict NO REFUNDABLE POLICY. money will not be refund after placed order of product.

(III) – bank account which you submit in profile form it is your personal information so please give correct, in case of wrong information we will not responsible for any loss related of your account like as any transaction.

(IV) – company will not responsible for any miss happen related your bank account given in registration.so please cheque your account time to time

(V) -Company have 100% rights to block or delete membership of any customer/agent whose information found false or using any fake id/account/mobile no.

(VI) – for the claim of any NOMINEE POLICY nominee should come at office with total proof and witness also your sponsor agent.