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How much do you have to invest with us

You need to join us for Rs. 600 + 12% GST to invest In exchange for the investment you made, we will give you a 9-watt 6-piece LED bulb. And they will be delivered at your home with a full guaranteed of 1 year and through Indian post, for which you will not have to pay any extra fee, which means that you will get your investment as soon as you get the product. You will get zero investment

you are paying us to do is buy the LED bulb. Here in return for your payment, you will be sent to the 9-Watt 6-pill LED bulb, address given by you. If your address is found wrong in the Indian Post Office. Company will not have any responsibility to deliver the parcel in it.

You must update your address in your Login area. If you do not update your address on time, then it will be your responsibility.